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You know the factors to effort the FUT fitness?

fifa 15

All we know,a player’s fitness is improved by rest and moderate physical exercise, and it worsens with too much exercise and potential injuries. That’s what happens both in real life and FUT 15.However,as the players keep on playing, their fitness level decreases. Resting and specific training can give their ideal fitness back.

The fitness level of a player along a match depends on how much effort he makes. In general, it’s safe to say that it will be higher or lower according to the following factors:

Playing time
A player’s spent fitness is directly proportional to how long he’s on the pitch. If he plays just for one half, he’ll have spent half the fitness he would’ve spent playing 90 minutes. Obviously this isn’t the only factor since there are types of matches that require more or less effort. You can make a substitution if you feel like sparing some player’s fitness, one you’d like to use on the next match, but if you do that you’ll be spending an extra contract. Also, the substitute will have his fitness decreased by the end of the match.

Stamina is different from player to player. It says to you how fast a player’s fitness deplete. It is easy to understand that players with high stamina lose less fitness during the game than the ones with low stamina. For that reason, they finish the game less tired, ie, with a higher fitness level. If you want to see your players running at the end of the matches as they do in the beginning, you should check that they have a good ‘stamina’ IG stat.

Effort made
Players get tired as they make effort. This effort rate is measured in FUT 15 by the amount of meters traversed and the intensity and frequency of the body’s work. Players such as goalkeepers tend to move less around the pitch and usually don’t challenge the ball, therefore spend less of their fitness. This way they’re able to keep on playing for much longer than the average player without having their fitness drastically decreased. Anyway, the effort made by a player depends exclusively on who’s controlling. In that case,yourself.

There are two types of injuries: the ones that make players get substituted during the match and those that just lower their fitness. In the second case, it’s up to you. You can keep him on the pitch or not, knowing that he’s not going to be playing at his best. Even if he stays still on the pitch, the moment he gets into a challenge he’ll have his fitness harshly lowered, especially if that’s against a strong defender. You may want to avoid the most aggressive ones. Normally what causes this kind of injury are sliding tackles from behind. When you abuse a player’s fitness making him travel the same exhausting path every time, you’ll be providing him what’s necessary for a muscular injury to happen.

Work Rate
A player’s work rate, which can’t be altered in FIFA Ultimate Team, affects decisively the amount of fitness points he’s going to lose. It defines the predisposition a player has concerning the different field zones he’s going to occupy. That is how he’s going to behave when you’re not controlling him. It’s independent to the effort made because that one is up to you. Even if you wanted to spare a single player some work, you can’t do anything because the work rate is what determines if he will run or not while he’s not being controlled by you… and you can’t control only one during a match, right?! Players with high work rates, defenders or attackers, are the ones more likely to get tired faster.

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The update is needed Because of FIFA 15 XBOX Digital Copy Issue


All we know,there is no fifa15 update released since Oct 21,however,fifa15 needs new patch to make it better.
Since FIFA 15 is a very popular video game, even a small issue with it on just one platform can result in a very big headache for many players.

The company needs to keep the player base as satisfied as possible in order to make sure that user continue to play in the long term and EA make profit in the long term.Besides, the strong competitor of FIFA 15, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, is just released and quite popular too.

With last issue of PS 4 share play in FIFA 15 that fixed not long ago, FIFA 15 fans now encounter a new error on XBOX. FIFA 15 digital copies stop working, and EA never offers more about this issue.

FIFA 15 players complaint on FIFA forum and Reddit saying that when they try to start the digital copy of FIFA 15, a message show up with words” Please try again, Sorry we couldn’t start FIFA 15. If you have a disc, insert it now.” The game won’t load and keeps asking gamers to insert a physical disc even though they own the Digital Copy. It seems that the issue happened on XBOX One only and nothing wrong with XBOX 360.

Besides, when users try to uninstall and reinstall FIFA15, things happen that FIFA 15 is missing from the online store and EA access APP. Players can’t even reinstall from their own purchase.

According to replies at the forum and Reddit, it seems that lots players now get affected by this issue.

Right after the issue happened, EA and XBOX Support site worked together to investigate the issue. They twittered that the investigation was undergoing and sorry for the inconvenience. EA announce that the digital copy issue that occurred first on XBOX ONE now also affect non-EA games. Latest EA twitter says that the
investigation continues but most should now be able to access their FIFA 15 XBOX one. However, you’d better begin to win FIFA 15 coins XBOX ONE only after the problem resolved totally in case of possible interruption.

Be patient to wait for the fix on FIFA 15 XBOX ONE and look forward new FIFA 15 updates from EA in the near future. Whatever,look forward the day coming!

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Ways to improve your fifa15 game

fifa 15

How to make your team reach victory?maybe there already have many skills.However, I’ll give you some tips that you could probably use these tips in the real world too.(Originally the game is so realistic)

Use the offside trap

A classic soccer tactic: setting up your opponent in an offside position. This technique requires a little practice, and the first few times you try it, you’ll probably leave the opposing striker with more open field ahead of him than you meant to, but once you’ve mastered it, it can be a really useful tactic.

Not only does the the offside trap stop the play, it also wears down the morale of your opponent, especially if you’re playing against another person.

Aim for corners near the post

FIFA 15 lets you choose from four tactics when taking corners: run far post, run near post, crowd the keeper, and edge of box run.

None of these tactics are foolproof, but if I had to stick with one, I would choose run near post and try to get a header from a tight angle. Don’t make the cross too powerful or the ball might go too far.

Clear the ball

Playing soccer as a kid, my coach would always say, “clear the ball, don’t pass it around in the area.” This also applies to FIFA 15.

If your opponent’s harassing you and things are starting to heat up, hit Shoot or launch a powerful long pass to relieve the pressure and reorganize your team.


Parking the bus

One of the new features in FIFA 15 is the addition of two new in-game tactics. One is “parking the bus,” which is basically planting your entire defense in the area and preventing your opponent from scoring at all costs.

If you’re winning by a goal and you only have a few minutes left, park the bus and try to withstand you opponents attack .

Mount swarming attacks

The other in-game tactic introduced this year is the all-out attack. This tactic, unlike parking the bus, works best when you’re losing and don’t have much time left to score. Your players will advance their lines and rush towards the opponent’s net in search of a goal.

A bit of advice: if you’re using this tactic and the game goes into extra time, remember to deselect it, or you could get a nasty shock in the early stages of extra time.

Get your strikers to pressure the ball

Wannabe coaches take great enjoyment in giving instructions to FIFA 15 players. Each player, depending on their skills and their position on the field, can receive custom instructions that the AI incorporates during the game. In order to access them, you need to go to the Team Management menu and then to the Instructions tab.

One instruction that’s particularly effective is getting your strikers to pressure the ball. Using this tactic, you can make it more difficult for your opponent to build up moves from their defense.

FIFA 15 instructions

Switch wings

If you play with two attacking wingers, like Pedro and Neymar for FC Barcelona, this tactic may come in handy during the match, helping you disorientate defenders. You can activate it using the quick select for in-game tactics (D-pad on consoles). Just remember that until you reapply the tactic, wingers will remain switched.

Tell your center back to go forward

We have seen it done by Terry, Pique, Ramos, Vidic, and Javi Martinez. When all seems lost, you can choose to move your center back up the field and have him act as another striker so that they can get on the end of crosses coming into the area.

To do this, you need to access the instructions menu, select the player in question, and edit the option.

Find a balance with your full backs

Having two offensive full backs can be very useful for providing depth to the team and creating situations that lead to attacks. On the other hand, it can also leave you very vulnerable when you have to defend.

Thanks to custom instructions, you can tell one full back to push up whenever possible while the other stays back; that way, you always have someone available to help out in defense.

FIFA 15 roles

Run in behind the defense

Imagine you’re playing as Real Madrid and you have a couple of aces up your sleeve like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. In the custom instructions, you can tell players to constantly run in behind the defense. Cristiano sets off, Kroos picks him out, defenders are caught out of position, and goal!

Look for shots

Another custom instruction you can give certain players is to get them to move into a good shooting position whenever there’s the possibility of a cross coming in (when you’re racing down the wing with the ball, for example). It’s very useful if you have good finishers on your team.

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Tips to respond to different tactical in fifa15


How to respond to different tatical changes by your opponents?here are some of the tactical decisions you can make while playing the game.

Player Mentality and Why You Should Change It
There aren’t many new players who make use of altering the mentality of the players, but you can easily do so by pressing left/right buttons on the directional pad.

With almost every formation, you can alter both the attacking and defensive mentality of your players. Let’s assume the example of a 4-Defender formation which can further be improved on the defensive side by pressing left on the directional pad once.

The similar can be done with other formations, but it trickles down to individual strategy and the game’s situation. Speaking of the situations, suppose that you’re in a lead with a couple of minutes left.

During this situation, you can switch to 5-Defenders formation and render opposition’s perpetual attacks useless. You can also go the exact opposite formation and bring almost everyone to the attacking side.

Dribbling Your Way Through Opponents
There are a lot of tactics involved when it comes to dribbling. The ideal situation is that you have more than one option most of the times. The reason I’m saying why you should do this is because you should always confuse your opponent whenever you get the chance.

We have compiled a separate guide on Dribbling, and all tactics involved in dribbling effectively.

Passing and Possession Tactics
Passing and keeping possession in FIFA 15 is more important than ever. However, do note that your entire game shouldn’t focus on passing game.

You’ll often come across players who will keep on passing the ball even when they are near the box. Remember that passing and keeping possession doesn’t win the games, shooting at the appropriate time does.

We have compiled a separate guide on Passing and different tactics involved in passing effectively.

You’ll often find yourself in situations without any clue as to what you need to do. In these kinds of situations, your best bet is to kick the ball out.

While many people don’t approve of this strategy, it most certainly provides players with time to rethink of their strategy and how to implement it. As for cutting back, it surely is one of the few tactics using which you can be almost certain to score a goal.

Read Your Opponent First
This is by far the best tactic that you can come up with in FIFA 15. Just as the match begins, take out some time and analyze your opponent’s defense and attacking formation.

You’ll often come across opponents who will leave blank spaces in the middle of the field or those who will evenly distribute their defense. Read different formations of the opponents and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Although this particular tactic is useful throughout the match, they are especially useful while taking corner kicks or free kicks. Observe and see if they are any open passing lanes and go for the goal.

Using Confidence Boost To Your Advantage
Each time you gain some sort of advantage over your opponent, your players will get a confidence boost and will start playing more aggressively.

At this point, they will win the ball quite often, but you need to make sure that you don’t start making the wrong decisions to reverse the momentum of the game.

Try to gain early advantage by scoring early and your players will start performing better, which will get even better with each successive score.

Furthermore, note that after gaining an advantage, players tend to play recklessly and let the take the game. Try to take things more calmly and stick to your passing game, which will frustrate your opponent, but it doesn’t matter, does it?

Timing of Substitutes
While your team is on an advantage, there will hardly be any need to call in a substitute unless a player is completely drained of energy or is
injured. These substitutes really come into play while you have lost the advantage to your opponent.

Even in the end game, calling in an appropriate substitute will allow you to turn the tides. Players with good finishers like Higuain from Real Madrid will sometime work in your favor and it’s better to test all your options before accepting the already fated defeated.

Retaliate By Scoring a Goal
One of the best times to score a goal is immediately after conceding a goal. Your opponent players will take some time to rearrange themselves into their positions, giving you enough time to plan your attack and go for a score.

A decent strategy to use here is to pass the ball to any of the wings and keep on holding down the LB/L1 button to call in a player from the kick off. This will certainly allow you to beat the defender and head in for a goal.

Be Unpredictable
This is one of the best advises anyone can give you! You need to be persistent with the game, and don’t lose hope after losing a couple of games.

FIFA is a game that requires skill, practice, strategy, and a lot of patience to achieve success. If you lose a game, move over to the next one and try to overcome the mistakes made earlier, and eventually you’ll get better.

When it comes to strategy, be as unpredictable as you could. The best players in the world are capable of reading their opponents and countering their strategies beforehand.

Be unpredictable with your strategies, take it slow, and don’t let go of the rare moments to score a win.

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New features in FIFA15


As a fifa15 fan,you must konw these.When purchasing a new version of FIFA one of the primary things a fan is getting is all of the updated data with regard to clubs, player faces, player transfers, player kits and even stadiums.

In FIFA 15 it is quickly obvious that EA’s promise of having more faces than ever before is true. The whole experience has certainly been enhanced visually.

In its initial state, FIFA 15 plays a familiar, yet faster and more unpredictable game. Passing speed and through-ball accuracy have been increased alongside a corresponding improvement in player responsiveness, lending the game a strangely frantic feel in its first few sessions.

Lumbering defenders now need to take a few extra steps to reach their terminal velocity, allowing players such as Raheem Sterling and Theo Walcott toroutinely tear them apart with blistering pace, dancing around the opposition with incredible ease. At that stage, FIFA 15 feels horribly unbalanced.

Teammate containing while cutting off passing lanes works in spots but it’s still not nuanced. Hold it for too long and too many people converge on the attacker: destroying your team’s shape. This behavior’s been commonplace since FIFA 12: likely for balancing issues.

That said, most DMs and centerbacks have the lateral movement of an ox. So holding off a player who knows how to exploit space feels much harder than necessary.

After you get your character created, you will be given four objectives that you are supposed to meet throughout the next season, two primary and two secondary. These include objectives like a certain number of goals to score in the season or more in-depth objectives, such as staying above a certain shots made percentage.

Beyond the objectives, you also have a ton of accomplishments your character can unlock, which are split into categories like Ball Skills, Shooting, Physical, and many more. Completing these allows your character to increase his stats, so basically it serves as a skill tree, like in many RPGs.

Certainly,the fifa15 game will be better and the visual effects will also be better.Then,if you have prepared for enough fifa15 coins?To Buy Fifa Coins you can find from http://www.fifa15-coins.com.

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FIFA15 selling tips on FUT Transfer Market

fifa 15

Why your items don’t sell on FUT Transfer Market?How to get rid of that ‘No buyers found for this item’ message in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?Here we have some tricks for you now.With these FUT selling tips, you will have more chance to improve your sales and rate up your Ultimate Team transaction benefits.

Add Value to Your Item

Sometimes, you need to add some values to your card to make it special. For example, by applying a right chemistry style to your player, you can give your card a better chance to be sold. The number of contracts is also a big deal for the player cards. Depending on the player and its market price range, you might be able to sell your card more expensive by applying a contract card to it. Other consumables such as player boosts could be also sales effective and be adding value to your price. To some people, the fitness value is also an important fact. These things are technically important when people compare your card to the other ones.

The Right Price

Make sure the price you are setting for your item is right. If you set the price slightly lower than the market’s range, you probably get more buyers to bid on your item. Cards with lower price than their market’s usual price, will motivate people to buy them.

But, don’t forget to check your bought price for the item you’re selling. You don’t want to lose coins, do you? One of the mistakes people make when selling their items is to do not calculate EA tax beforehand. Keep in mind that EA will take 5% of all selling transactions happening at FUT transfer market. That means, your selling price should be at least 5% higher than your purchase price in case you don’t want to lose coins on a

The Right Time

It is important at what time and on which weekday you’re listing your items on the market. Remember, FUT players are coming from around the globe. This is an important factor especially for the player cards and some other items such as managers and stadiums. Here is an example, a turkish player card whose club is playing in Turkish Superlig, will have more change to be bought by a turkish FIFA fan who is living in Turkey. So,
if you put such a player card on the transfer market during the Turkey’s peak hours, you will definitely have more chance to get buyers.

Check out the time difference in Europe, UK, US and Asia to your location. Find out what time is good for your card if you’re targeting a specific geographic location. Also, weekdays are important. Apparently, Friday nights and weekends are the most busiest days at the transfer market. Wednesday nights are busy too.

FUT Transfer Market is too active at the time before and after the real football matchdays. That means, on weekends and on UEFA Champions League matchdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) FUT transfer market is experiencing heavy traffics made by sellers and buyers.

Keep it Alive

Your auction time on the transfer market is limited. What you need to do after your auction time is up, is to re-list your items. Make sure you’re re- listing your items back to back, because this will give your items more chance to be seen.

All in all,do login to FIFA Ultimate Team on your mobile or using the web app to check out your selling items and to re-list them quickly once they expired.

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