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PoE 3.3 Marauder Starter Juggernaut Builds

The Juggernaut class revolves around defenses, providing physical damage reduction by way of armor and endurance charges, life regeneration, and protection against slows and stuns. The tree also presents some offensive bonuses like accuracy and stun bonuses. In this Post, U4GM Will share the starter Path of Exile 3.3 Marauder Juggernaut Builds for you.



[PoE 3.3 Build] Can Red Maps and Farm the Uber League Starter Sunder Juggernaut Make

This make is usually a strong league starter. It certainly is inside a position to progress into red maps and farm the Uber (Eternal) Labyrinth on a tight price tag variety. Below could be the setup that I’m running for farming Uber Lab and Guardians. As opposed to Atziri’s Disfavour, you might use any two-handed Axe. Nevertheless, it truly is commonly a huge upgrade with regards to damage.

Poe 3.3 adjustments:
- The base delay in between the initial attack and the aftershock is now 1 second (down from 1.five seconds).
- The aftershock now deals extra damage as the gem levels, dealing 69% more harm at gem level 20 (up from 50%).
Vaal Earthquake
Added a new Strength gem – Vaal Earthquake: Smash the ground, dealing damage in a location and cracking the earth. The crack will erupt in an effective aftershock following a brief delay. Your actions will deal harm around you to get a duration, breaking the ground if the preceding fissures have erupted.
Vaal Skill Adjustments
- Vaal talent gems now also grant the base version of the skill at the same level and excellent because of the Vaal gem. One example is, a Vaal Burning Arrow skill gem now makes it possible for each the Vaal Burning Arrow and the Burning Arrow expertise.
- Employing a Vaal ability now prevents you from gaining souls for all Vaal capabilities for any quick period just after the Talent is utilized. The duration of this effect varies from Talent to Ability.
- Whereas previously the cost of Vaal skills would raise in locations after Act five, and once again right after Act 10, the price of all Vaal expertise is now constant throughout the game. That may be worth maintaining in thoughts when hunting in the following adjustments, as though many Vaal ability fees happen to be raised when in comparison to their base price previously, they’re generally now reduced than the price you’d have paid in higher-level locations.
- Damaging rare enemies now generates 1 Vaal soul per 2% life it loses, using a 1-second cooldown.
- Damaging one of a kind enemies now makes 3 Vaal souls per 2% development it fails, with a 1-second cooldown.
Ground Slam
Ground Slam is often utilized with axes.

Bandits: Aid Oak

Farming maps: Gruthkul, Lunaris
Farming guardians: Tukohama, Solaris
PoB Link:
Talent Tree:
Instance Link:

[PoE 3.3 Build] Earthquake Starter Juggernaut Construct

Earthquake received a substantial buff in patch 3.3 minimizing the duration for the aftershock to 1 second in addition to an increase in its damage!. This buff in conjunction with all the addition of Vaal Earthquake is going to be the essential explanation you chose EQ to develop into my league starter. I plan on carrying out a 24 hr stream on league launch so really feel free of charge of charge to drop by with queries

Leveling Guides:
Level as Ground Slam! It might be overpowering to carry you to level 12 then
Level as Sunder till you get significantly less duration gem or till you obtain a four-link and then swap EQ

Bandits: Kill all

Soul of Solaris – Main
Soul of Shakari – Minor
PoB Hyperlink:
Instance Link:

[PoE 3.3 Build] Decent AOE “EQ JUGG” Earthquake Juggernaut Create

PoE EQ JUGG is amongst the most Iconic builds in Path of Exile history. Arrived in 2016 and nevertheless strong ever thinking about that. The nerfs hit the damage and AOE also tricky from the cause, nevertheless, it continues to be end-game viable. Your straight harm scales off BASE damage. Base harm = your weapon harm. The higher = a lot greater. Ancestral Warchief scales precisely the same way. The skill itself has two phases: the initial hit along with the aftershock. Aftershock requires location right away following a delay and does 150% of initial hit harm with far more huge AOE. So it is a substantial portion from the harm, every single for mapping and bossing. So the make itself just isn’t about ATTACK SPEED, as opposed to sunder, blade flurry, and frost blades. It really is about hitting when and hitting tough.

+ Decent AOE
+ Higher efficient HP: could be over 7000+
+ Stupid quantity of Physical Damage mitigation. More than 90% of Phys damage reduction
+ You chill in traps and walk by way of the lab like it really is nothing, thanx to higher regen
- Not a boss killer.
- AOE might be much better
- Evident speed just isn’t like Duelists with dual wields
- The shaper is tough plus a great deal of practice
- Resistances are pretty low resulting from many uniques (nonetheless over 100+ with Endurance Charges up)

Bandits: Kill All

Significant: Arakawa
Minor: Tukohama for maps, Ryslatha for risky bosses, Shakari for Chimera and poison stuff

Leveling Guides:
Get Sunder at level 12. Then use any axes with higher Phys and attack speed.
Rare axes with high physical DPS will also function properly.
You are able to also play with Maces before you get started speccing into AXE harm.
At 28 get Earthquake and use it with Melee Phys + Ruthless then Inc. AOE, Maim / Harm on Full Life / More quickly Attacks
For Ancestral Warchief: Anc.Warchief-Melee Phys-Faster Attacks-Maim/Conc.Effect
Get mana leech on a ring/amulet or gloves AS EARLY As you can, bring about we do not visit mana leech on a tree.
Then commence stacking life leech.
PoB Link:
Talent Tree:
Example Link:

[PoE 3.3 Build] Uber Lab Farmer Ahn’s Could League Starter Juggernaut Make

Utterly nothing at all has genuinely been nerfed or buffed together using the build and Expect this can play precisely like it did in 3.two. The build had anticipated growing to be just as viable because it has been mainly because Abyss league but as a warning anticipate the rates of many of the uniques within this construct to turn out to be larger for the pretty 1st week or so together with the new league.
This build that tends to make use of Ahn’s May well effectively as a price productive indicates of performing harm. You began with this construct in Abyss League and was in a position to finish the Uber Lab by day 3. As of now, this creates has been able to accomplish any Izaro modifiers inside the Uber Lab along with becoming capable of carrying people by way with the uber lab also about the price tag variety setup. With some investment, this development has been capable of tackling the finish game content material including the guardians and Shaper. The best aspect might be the make you use to farm this gear could be exactly the same a single which you apply to map and take finish game.
This construct is usually a much more balanced method to uber lab farming that enables us to possess a character that will map properly. We Utilize fortify and endurance charges more than common flat Armour scaling to possess our defenses for Izaro. The Juggernaut ascendancy offers us bonuses to endurance charges and also has the selection of giving us rewards to fortify too. That signifies that we are going to not be able to face roll by means of traps, but we nonetheless have a lot of defense for Izaro without having to sacrifice too tricky on the damage side in the development.
The strengths of Ahn’s Could using the Juggernaut ascendancy indicates that we’re capable of obtaining about the low attack speed base by enabling us to scale accuracy to help with attack speed (which Ahn’s could provide). Ahn’s May well also offers an area to assist out with Cleave’s ordinarily poor area of effect to assist with mapping and speed clearing. Lastly, we get regarding the low crit base of Ahn’s May well properly by utilizing all of the bonuses to crit for dual wielding within the Marauder and Duelist sides around the talent tree and later the sword nodes inside the Ranger section. Lastly, the higher flat physical harm the swords give suggests that our most efficient suggests of scaling harm is utilizing % bonuses to harm and crit multi in the similar time as generating use of sources of other physical harm as elements.
The make makes use of cleave as our Major skill. That may be resulting from Cleave making use of both hands on attacks (as opposed to other Expertise that alternate amongst the main hand and offhand) and obtaining a higher base for harm. Cleave also supplies us fortify on hit employing the threshold jewel as well as AOE to help with clearing.

Brine King by default unless you have got a supply of stun immunity in which case you may go with Solaris. For minor potential you take Ryslatha for operating uber lab otherwise Tukohama and Yugi are great as well.

Alira is almost certainly the most beneficial option here. The resistances help with gearing and also the bonus to crit multi will likely be your greatest harm choice too out on the 3 bandits (along with the 2 point alternative). You may alternatively take Oak right here for some Phy’s defense or go for the two skill points.
PoB Link:
Ability Tree:
Instance Link:

[PoE 3.3 Build] Life Righteous Fire Juggernaut

Righteous Fire is really a damage ability that engulfs you within a fire that rapidly burns you and nearby enemies to get a percentage on the maximum life. Taking into consideration that it utilizes your maximum life to scale its damage, it truly is critical to stack a fantastic deal of it. Increasing Maximum Fire Resistance mitigates a great deal of the burning damage performed to self, the rest is sustained with Life Regeneration.
Shield Charge: Mobility ability. Employed to trigger Fortify, Elemental Equilibrium, and Elemental Overlord.
Orb of Storms: Totem just like the spell that auto-attacks nearby enemies. Utilized to trigger Elemental Equilibrium and Elemental Overlord on bosses.
Scorching Ray: Channelling spell. Applied to deal additional harm, and reduced enemy’s fire resistance. It about doubles your single target harm at full stacks.
Enduring Cry: Warcry. Generates endurance charges.
Vitality and Purity of Fire: Auras. Regenerate life, and enhance fire and maximum fire resistance.
Stone Golem: Minion. Grants life regeneration.
Righteous Fire is your principal harm dealer. Turn it on after you enter a map, then Shield Charge into packs, burning them to ash. Be sure to Shield Charge on a regular basis, to enhance EE and EO procs.
Summon Orb of Storms when fighting bosses or difficult rares, it can trigger EE and EO automatically for you personally. Then channel Scorching Ray, though an enemy is standing inside your Righteous Fire.

Modifications in PoE 3.3
1. Dyadus axes no longer buff burning harm. So, dual wielding dyads axes, and dyads AG is no longer viable.
two. Vaal Righteous Fire may be utilized to increase your harm. In case you socket it in place of RF, it is going to provide you with two capabilities: standard RF, and Vaal RF. Whenever you accumulate the necessary quantity of souls, you may be capable of activating Vaal RF and have it active along normal RF, for four seconds. I am not yet confident how valuable it is going to be in practice.

Soul of Arakawa (Important God)
Soul of Abernathy (Minor God)
Shield Charge:
Soul of Solaris (Main God) – worth unlocking secondary powers
Soul of Tukohama (Minor God) – be certain to open secondary power

Bandits: Oak or Kill All.
Oak – 1% life regenerated, 2% Phys damage reduction
Kill All – two passive points
Suggest beginning with Oak. When your gear is ideal, and in the event, you feel like you’ve adequate regeneration, it is possible to switch to Kill All.

Leveling Guides:
Leveling with RF calls for a set of specific uniqueness. That is not going to be doable when beginning in a new league, or in case you have no currency. If that is your situation, you’ll be able to level with other abilities and switch to RF once you can meet the needs.
Sunder (level 12) is usually a solid talent. You can rapidly get the too late 60s with it, and by that point, you ought to have adequate currency to switch into RF. Use a two-handed ax or mace. Sunder will work with the typical RF tree path, but you ought to still grab a couple of damage nodes which are around the way, like Destroyer, Born to Fight, Butchery, Splitting Strikes.
PoB Hyperlink:
Ability Tree:
Example Hyperlink:


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POE 3.3 Builds For Duelist Slayer Ranged Flameblast in Lastest and Detailed


+ Genuinely high harm achievable towards bosses – while 1-2 million burning DPS is realistically sustainable against Shaper, 8-10 million burning DPS, as well as a great deal more, are attainable to achieve below very fantastic cases. A burn up from Herald of Ash lasts for about 9-10 seconds, so all non-phased bosses could be killed making use of a single hit. That includes Shaper plus the Guardians from your Phoenix, Minotaur, and Hydra. Despite the fact that nonetheless dealing loads of injury, the burning harm will just about certainly not exceed 3 million dps. In most conditions, it is actually realistic to anticipate 1-1.five million dps, that may be nonetheless sufficient to one-shot almost all bosses.
+ It is a Wormblaster.
+ This construct can clear all the present (3.3) endgame articles.
+ Good Lab runner, traps are not genuinely unsafe due to the substantial existence recovery. Only some stronger Buffs on Izaro can get risky.
+ It does not contact to get a large amount of currency to have began (under 5 ex for yellow-red maps), the late endgame setup can include up to ~25 ex.

- It may take some time for you to have applied for that playstyle.
- Cruel Lab completion is expected to sustain RF, ahead of that I would suggest leveling employing a distinct make.
- Not 100% reliable – the worms are thrown in random instructions, which could make targeting bosses tough. 3 Flask utilizes for one Flameblast seem for being optimum when not standing close to a wall.
- Extended cast time/vulnerability when channeling Flameblast.
- Not wonderful for the get together perform largely since other gamers are capable to kill the worms on the exact same time.
- Map clearing may be rather slow / demands weapon swap for being much more swiftly.
- In all probability not appropriate for HC leagues.

Leveling Guide:
You are going to get this build going as speedily as you are able to equip the wands. Even so, you would like to not do that for Hardcore (or generally performance in fact), because it is especially inefficient therefore of every small thing scaling collectively with monster life/level. I only generally respec at 56 considering that I have played this game sufficient precisely exactly where taking part in a generic leveling produce has turned right into a chore that I want to finish as swiftly while you quite possibly can. That stated you must definitely respec only immediately after you might have killed Kitava in Act ten and have gotten a minimum of 1 ascendancy, ideally 3 to start mapping.

So what are you ready to perform ahead of you hit degree 56? Appropriately, I am confident there may be a large wide variety of selections, but I wished to test Charged Dash since it was a fresh talent and all. I had loads of fascinating with it, so all I did was stretch out to the resolute approach, and get all nearby attack velocity and generic two-hand weapon nodes I had close by. I am not able to recall particularly what I ran for gems, but I believe it was the herald of ash and hatred, and immediately after that Charged Dash -> Melee Phys -> Fortify -> AoE. You will be most likely far better off with Sunder for now. You must perhaps use Hidden Probable for leveling irrespective of you do despite the fact that. Refer in direction of the “Passive Tree” section to get a generic tree, plus the “Gear: Explained” segment for thoughts on beginning gear soon after you hit 56 and could equip the wands.

Gem Setup:
Herald of Ash – Burning Harm – Swift Affliction – Efficacy – Enhanced Duration – Elevated Spot of Effect
Physique Armour

Flameblast / Vaal Flameblast – Managed Destruction – Combustion – A lot more swiftly Casting (or Empower)
Helmet; Far more quickly Casting for greater mobility e.g. against Uber Elder, Empower for supplemental harm

Righteous Fire (Level 15) – Burning Harm – Elemental Emphasis – Concentrated Affect
Gloves / Boots; for more substantial clear speed in Helmet with Efficacy rather than Concentrated Impact
Righteous Fire can destroy worms when the Radius gets also substantial, at level 15 they land just outdoors of one’s radius.

Orb of Storms – Curse on Hit – Flammability – Temporal Chains
Gloves / Boots; it doesn’t should be degree one any longer as any hit would immediately destroy the worms.

Shield Charge – Faster Attacks – Fortify
Weapon / Shield; never use it to proc Elemental Equilibrium, Herald of Ash adds Fire Damage

Cast when Harm Taken – Immortal Contact
Weapon / Shield

Decoy Totem
Weapon / Shield

Cast when Injury Taken – Immortal Make contact with – Enhanced Duration
Cast when Harm Taken – Vortex – Increased Region of Result

According to the circumstance, Brine King (when acquiring difficulty with stuns) and Arakaali are each and every amazingly hugely productive to the significant god power. The minor gods Yugul, Abernathy and Gruthkul can supply precious defensive bonuses also

Pob Hyperlink:
Capability Tree:
Instance Link:

Normally, they might be not really worth the trouble for factors which could possibly be enough within the extended run. Whilst they are worthwhile for gamers who may well know pretty much nothing at all concerning the game. For likely probably the most factor, they’re finding out tools for rookies to ease them into the game. For much more Path of Exile 3.3 Builds, you could go to Only a reminder: you’ll get 5% coupon code at no expense through the reps ought to you buy Poe Currency order from this brief write-up.

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